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Manifesting Portal – November 11th 2017

  Your head may be spinning today with information you are trying to assimilate from recent days or weeks. No, it's not just happening to you, so don't be fearful about it or feel like you're going through this alone. We're all in this together. At times, our mind can be filled with chatter, noise… Continue reading Manifesting Portal – November 11th 2017

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Time To Shed – November 10th 2017

Letting go can be quite challenging. It's your own human nature that makes you grow accustomed to what you know. What you are familiar with gives you a sense of security because it's somewhat "figured out", it's what you know!  Change makes everyone uneasy at least in some way. The fear and insecurity of the… Continue reading Time To Shed – November 10th 2017

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Crack The Shell Open – November 7th 2017

How about you wind down a little today? You've been quite the busy bee. It doesn't matter if it's hard labor, inner work or even house work. You have to take care of yourself first, in order to be able to be productive and take care of others. You're hungry: eat. You're tired: rest for… Continue reading Crack The Shell Open – November 7th 2017

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Sharp Truth – November 6th 2017

You may be tempted today to bite your tongue, hold back or repress something today. Be very careful with this! You know how when you hold something back, especially if it's a part of YOUR truth, it festers, accumulates then picks the worst possible time to blow up? Has that ever had a good outcome?… Continue reading Sharp Truth – November 6th 2017

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Light Flow – November 3rd 2017

With the influence of the Taurus Full Moon, a lot of reevaluating is taking place. Shifts here and there are paving your way and the Universe has your back. Now is the perfect time to surrender and let things flow. Have you noticed that struggling brings even more anxiety? As adults we have a clear… Continue reading Light Flow – November 3rd 2017

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Carpe Diem – October 19th 2017

When you find yourself dreaming of the things you wish you had, planning for days that have not come yet, remembering all the things you did have at some point, whether it's the future or the past you're dwelling on, you're not letting yourself BE in the present. The future is not here yet, and… Continue reading Carpe Diem – October 19th 2017

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Soul Wisdom – October 17th 2017

The profound wisdom we've come to gather in our existant life or from our past lives is within us and is now trying to come out to the surface. Today's energy asks us to tap into that source of knowledge and divine power in order to gain insight and strength. Every single situation you've gone through,… Continue reading Soul Wisdom – October 17th 2017

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Return To Innocence – October 14th 2017

​Oh what a joyful energy we have for today! Just like Otters, we too can channel and let our inner playfulness out whenever we wish. As kids, we marvel and feel wonder for almost everything. Every day brings some excitement and new adventures. Somehow, as we grow, we become so focused on our responsibilities and… Continue reading Return To Innocence – October 14th 2017

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Chin Up – October 13th 2017

First thing I need to say is don't be so hard on yourself. Don't judge or blame yourself so much for things that are out of your control or external factors that you have little power of. Don't judge ot belittle yourself for feeling or thinking the way you do. You are you. Unique and… Continue reading Chin Up – October 13th 2017

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Pack Your Bags – October 5th 2017

Well, well, well... This looks like good advice. Now, I know what you may be thinking; "When do I have the time?" "Where will I get the money to do this?" "How do I organize my schedule and responsibilities?" "I'll find time next month". I've said every single of those statements and questions to myself… Continue reading Pack Your Bags – October 5th 2017