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Mercury Retrograde – December 2017

Mercury's last Retrograde of the year has been slowly affecting everyone since the Pre-shadow started, around November 15th. However, you will really start to feel the effects of this transit when the Retrograde period begins on December 3rd and it will be going direct until December 22nd. Of course, keep in mind that the Post-shadow… Continue reading Mercury Retrograde – December 2017

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September 2017 – Energetic Forecast

And so, August has finally passed. Can we just take a moment and breathe? The transits and energies that were around us gave way to some deep changes, releasing and letting go of blockages or dead weight and brought a lot of light into our shadow side which gave us many opportunities to heal. You… Continue reading September 2017 – Energetic Forecast

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Advice Card – Mercury Retrograde Week 2

We're a week in in this Mercury Retrograde transit and if anyone else is feeling it as strongly as I am, guidance is needed. I decided to draw an advice card for the upcoming week of this transit. This might be good to be clear about what we need to rise up and have some… Continue reading Advice Card – Mercury Retrograde Week 2

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Mercury Retrograde – August 2017

It's only two days in after Mercury went retrograde and I personally am feeling it as I've never felt it before. Already had one minor and one MAJOR breakdown. So many feelings, so much going on around and yet here we are. Mercury's retrograde motion started on August 12th and will be going direct on… Continue reading Mercury Retrograde – August 2017