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Mercury Retrograde – December 2017

Mercury's last Retrograde of the year has been slowly affecting everyone since the Pre-shadow started, around November 15th. However, you will really start to feel the effects of this transit when the Retrograde period begins on December 3rd and it will be going direct until December 22nd. Of course, keep in mind that the Post-shadow… Continue reading Mercury Retrograde – December 2017

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Elevate – November 30th 2017

Last day in this wonderful month. December is almost here and I'm feeling some magical yet powerful and meaningful energies starting to flow in. How much do you think you've grown and learned this year? Has your spirit been through an expansion process? How much have you raised your vibration? I've been noticing all around… Continue reading Elevate – November 30th 2017

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Weekly Message – November 27th to December 3rd 2017

This week's predominant energy brings a breath of fresh air. You may start to notice how everything falls into place, circumstances and emotions are aligning with what you are creatimg in your life. Feeling gratitude and wonder will not be unfamiliar right now. You've come far, it's ok to be proud and give yourself a… Continue reading Weekly Message – November 27th to December 3rd 2017

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Inspired Movement – November 26th 2017

You may be feeling a bit inspired today. The energy around us today is all about movement, so it's a great time to do something with your body, dance, do some yoga or exercise. If you're not feeling it, then just gentle stretching will move that energy around you. Allowing yourself and your energy to… Continue reading Inspired Movement – November 26th 2017

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Sense The Way – November 21st 2017

The energies that surrounded us this past week are still lingering a bit in this one. The Scorpio transformational energt is still quite around. Things may still be coming into light from shadow for you. Things you may have thought of as resolved might come to the surface, unresolved and fervent. This means that it's… Continue reading Sense The Way – November 21st 2017

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Face Facts – November 18th 2017

No one ever gets from one point to the next without movement. Movement requires strength and determination. Today's energy might be a little on the intense or overwhelming side but you have the raw and pure power to endure, within. Sometimes, you may not really know of what you're capable until you're tested. This is… Continue reading Face Facts – November 18th 2017

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Scorpio New Moon – November 2017

Holy shift guys! phew! I'm not sure it's been me feeling a little drained from the intensity going on around with this Scorpio Season or if it's not just individual shifts happening, but also a collective shift too. May be both. I think a lot of us already know that Scorpio can BE defined by… Continue reading Scorpio New Moon – November 2017