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Transformation Current – October 31st 2017

And what do you know? Transformation again. I promise I'm not trying to make a point with this but it just keeps coming up. That to me, means it's THAT important. Today is the perfect day to finish tying loose ends, closing circles and taking care of unfinished business. Some things in life come to… Continue reading Transformation Current – October 31st 2017

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Weekly Message – October 30th to November 4th 2017

I have been not doing so well this week. I got the worst cold of the year so far. When you already have a shoulder/neck spasm and you continuously cough, it takes a toll. It became quite painful and uncomfortable but here I am (a little better) and I'm currently working on some articles for… Continue reading Weekly Message – October 30th to November 4th 2017

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Weekly Message – October 23rd to 29th 2017

This past week had some strong, intense and groundshaking energy coming into our lives. I've seen the Death card so much and have noticed it has also been coming up for so many other readers. This only confirms for me, that change really IS in the air right now and not just in my case. … Continue reading Weekly Message – October 23rd to 29th 2017

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In With The New – October 21st 2017

I absolutely could NOT believe that this came out once more. Yes Universe, we get it... transformation really is upon us. A small pile of cards dropped down from my deck as I was asking about today and its particular energy, first one I drew was the Death card. I was immediatly curious about what… Continue reading In With The New – October 21st 2017

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Out With The Old – October 20th 2017

Have you noticed just how much each daily energy so far has had a connection to transformation? I feel as though this particular transformation that keeps appearing in different decks, is a necessary one in each of our lives. Of course this will most likely mean different things to different people. Some may feel this… Continue reading Out With The Old – October 20th 2017

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Carpe Diem – October 19th 2017

When you find yourself dreaming of the things you wish you had, planning for days that have not come yet, remembering all the things you did have at some point, whether it's the future or the past you're dwelling on, you're not letting yourself BE in the present. The future is not here yet, and… Continue reading Carpe Diem – October 19th 2017

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October Libra New Moon – Rituals

The Libra New Moon is here and its energy is all around us. This New Moon brings a lot of transformation and change, but don't worry! You don't need to be fearful or anxious about change since it's all happening for you. If you'd like to know more about what's going on with this particular… Continue reading October Libra New Moon – Rituals

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Libra New Moon – October 2017

The New Moon in Libra is upon us! How is everyone feeling? There are some positive aspects surrounding this New Moon energy as well as some that require observation and a little discernment. As you know, New Moons are the fertile and fresh soil in which to plant the seeds of our intentions. Its energy… Continue reading Libra New Moon – October 2017

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All That Remains – October 18th 2017

With everything that's been going on lately, you might find yourself feeling a little uneasy, perhaps dreading change a little bit or even starting to feel a sense of loss or grief for all that has changed in the past months. Maybe you'll seem to be struggling with the feeling that things don't seem to… Continue reading All That Remains – October 18th 2017

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Soul Wisdom – October 17th 2017

The profound wisdom we've come to gather in our existant life or from our past lives is within us and is now trying to come out to the surface. Today's energy asks us to tap into that source of knowledge and divine power in order to gain insight and strength. Every single situation you've gone through,… Continue reading Soul Wisdom – October 17th 2017