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Live Prosperous – September 29th 2017

Can I just say how perfectly synchronized this card is with yesterday's energy? Abundance and prosperity, hand in hand. Today's wonderful energy is filling us with inspiration, new beginnings, projects that will bring what we seek. Today is the perfect day to actively work towards your wealth. When I say wealth I do mean everything… Continue reading Live Prosperous – September 29th 2017

Daily Messages, Tarot/Oracle Messages

Let It Flow – September 28th 2017

When we think of abundance, most of the time our mind thinks about the financial aspect of it, but we forget abundance and prosperity can mean in health, in peace of mind, in love, in money, in family, so so many different ways. So, today I ask you, what kind of abundance and prosperity does… Continue reading Let It Flow – September 28th 2017

Daily Messages, Tarot/Oracle Messages

Be Magical – September 25th 2017

What if I told you you are just as magical and unique as a unicorn? Would you believe it? Would you believe me if I told you you have a direct connection to higher universal wisdom? Well, you are and you do. Every single one of us has the ability to use our intuition and… Continue reading Be Magical – September 25th 2017

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Let It Roll – September 23rd 2017

The Wheel of Fortune card to me, is always a lesson. Everything in life moves in stages or circles. Some things end in order for others to begin. What's seen as negative experiences really give us more perspective when appreciating the good times. This card always reminds me that nothing is forever, not the bad… Continue reading Let It Roll – September 23rd 2017

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Gentle Love – September 20th 2017

How hard have you been on yourself lately? What about through your entire life? Sometimes we don't even notice or identify those harmful things we do to ourselves, that we'd never do to someone else. So, why do we do it to ourselves? Being gentle and kind is not limited to interactions with others and/or… Continue reading Gentle Love – September 20th 2017

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New Moon Contemplation – September 19th 2017

Today's energy draw is in perfect synchronicity with tonight's New Moon. Reflection and contemplation always bring sought answers. Today, as the New Moon is in Virgo, you can ask yourself what daily activities and habits are for your best and highest interest and which harm more than they help. Review which areas of your life… Continue reading New Moon Contemplation – September 19th 2017

Daily Messages, Tarot/Oracle Messages

Divine Messages – September 17th 2017

You are wise beyond... when your mind quiets down, you are able to truly listen. Listen to your intuition, thoughts, higher guidance, messages from your subconscious, from spirit guides and the Universe. You are being guided by the divine. You have unique gifts that were bestowed to you and you alone. By being calm, you… Continue reading Divine Messages – September 17th 2017

Daily Messages, Tarot/Oracle Messages

Universal Support – September 15th 2017

We are never truly alone in this world. Whether we're supported by people or guided by higher power, the universe always has our back. When we open up to higher guidance, open up to the divine and its aid, we begin to notice subtle changes. It's one of those things that can't be unseen. We… Continue reading Universal Support – September 15th 2017

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Stay Afloat – September 14th 2017

I used to be a little scared of this card before. You don't normally associate a good feeling to destruction, chaos, and crisis. But I've found there is light to what seems to darkness within this card. I feel that what it represents today may be a subtle or unconscious crumble of previously structures of… Continue reading Stay Afloat – September 14th 2017

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Go With The Flow – September 13th 2017

Remember the waves of change that August started to bring in? Well, they keep coming. Change is inevitable in life, when we resist it, we become stagnant, we get in pur own way and our highest self is not free. When we consciously decide to flow with the current instead of against it, we are… Continue reading Go With The Flow – September 13th 2017