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Spread The Light – 31st August 2017

Today's energy is asks us to evaluate how our own light is affecting or helping others in their own journey. Never underestimate the power that one single action, one person, one thought or feeling can have. We're not ever alone in this world. Everything we do ripples and affects others in both positive and negative… Continue reading Spread The Light – 31st August 2017

Daily Messages, Tarot/Oracle Messages

Refresh And Start – August 28th 2017

Waves of change and transformation have been coming into our lives. Taking what no longer serves us in order to make way and clear space for those things that we must go through now. New beginnings are here. Life changes, new opportunities, new relationships, new partnerships, new projects. We must have clarity and a sense… Continue reading Refresh And Start – August 28th 2017

Daily Messages, Tarot/Oracle Messages

Embrace The Abundance – August 27th 2017

When we align with our soul's purpose, what calls to us most and comes from deep within the heart, it flows to us. Synchronicities start to become even more apparent, bringing clear and strong messages. Today's energy allows us to rejoice in what's been accomploshed. All that you've been working for, all the transformation that… Continue reading Embrace The Abundance – August 27th 2017

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Balance Your Energy – August 26th 2017

Traditionally, this card represents finances and money but for today I feel it as a sense of energy spending. Sometimes we give so much that we end up giving more than we should, and this ends up draining our energy. With today's pull, a few questions came to mind... are we balancing the energy from… Continue reading Balance Your Energy – August 26th 2017

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Bloom Away – August 24th 2017

Have you ever truly paused and thought about all of the events that have led you to this precise moment? It's mindblowing. All the experiences and situations you've been through, people you've met, interests you've had, feelings, the decisions that have been made, absolutely everything was meant to lead you exactly to where you are… Continue reading Bloom Away – August 24th 2017

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Busy Bees – August 23rd 2017

This was definitely a busy bee kind of day. So much goes on in one's life, so much we want to do but time isn't always enough to get around to what needs to be done. It may be late but I still wanted to take time and say that even if you had a… Continue reading Busy Bees – August 23rd 2017

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The Fire Within – August 22nd 2017

Expansion is here! The growth that you've been experiencing for the past weeks (if not months) has provided so much strength and determination. Even though Leo season is now gone, the fire that it sparked in us is still burning bright. Trust in your growth process, feel grateful for the clarity and energy we've been… Continue reading The Fire Within – August 22nd 2017

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Transform Yourself – August 21st 2017

I can't think of a better card for today's energy. This energy has been around for a few days now as the eclipse was getting closer. The Death card represents all the things that are about to close pr end in our lives to make way for what is coming into our lives. Closing circles,… Continue reading Transform Yourself – August 21st 2017