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Manifesting Portal – November 11th 2017

  Your head may be spinning today with information you are trying to assimilate from recent days or weeks. No, it's not just happening to you, so don't be fearful about it or feel like you're going through this alone. We're all in this together. At times, our mind can be filled with chatter, noise… Continue reading Manifesting Portal – November 11th 2017

Daily Messages, Tarot/Oracle Messages

Find Your Happy Place – November 11th 2017

Think happy thoughts. This is today's reminder for everyone. In life, there is always so much going on around you; debt, anxiety, daily routine, dealing with relationships, working towards goals. Sometimes all of this can feel overwhelming and you just feel like you're about to crash and burn. But, before you do, sit down, stop… Continue reading Find Your Happy Place – November 11th 2017

Daily Messages, Tarot/Oracle Messages

Fill Your Heart – December 8th 2017

Ahhh, today's energy is not quite as serious as yesterday's was. Today you may find yourself surrounded with loved ones, friends, family or like minded spirits and this will feel like a much needed energetic break. Maybe it's the holiday spirit appearing and you're already planning all the fun holiday activities or you'll be out… Continue reading Fill Your Heart – December 8th 2017

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The Observer – December 7th 2017

Observation is the theme for the energy around you today. There is so much going on in and around you that's being affected by the Retrograde, that you might not know how to tell things apart. Using your power of careful observation and discernment will help you out greatly today. Sometimes things aren't really what… Continue reading The Observer – December 7th 2017

Daily Messages, Tarot/Oracle Messages

Twinkle Twinkle – December 5th 2017

Some of you might have a kick in your step today. Maybe even feeling like you've just been sucked into a musical and can't help but feel a little spark within. Yes, you've been through difficult changes and transformations, but today there is hope, motivation and inspiration in the air. All of the unexplored opportunities… Continue reading Twinkle Twinkle – December 5th 2017

Daily Messages, Tarot/Oracle Messages

Awake And Alive – December 4th 2017

This week has definitely had a high vibe going on, hasn't it? Today's card pull is Awakening (Judgement card in the Major Arcana) and it confirms that the energy surrounding you today is holding your hand through this process. Transformations are never easy, especially when you tend to be super hard on yourself or others.… Continue reading Awake And Alive – December 4th 2017

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Gemini Super Full Moon – December 2017

So so sorry for the incomplete email that was sent to you guys following the Blog earlier! Unfortunately, my computer, tech stuff and email have not been agreeing with me during the Mercury Retrograde  (since the pre-shadow started!). The last Full Moon of 2017 is here and what better way to close the year out… Continue reading Gemini Super Full Moon – December 2017